Henderson Restaurants

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What’s this blog about?

Have you ever gone to a restaurant that had great food but the customer service made you want to cry? Have you ever gone to a restaurant recommended by an acquaintance only to be disappointed, wishing you hadn’t wasted your money? That’s why I created the blog: Henderson Restaurants where I put together reviews of the best restaurants in Henderson, NV and Las Vegas, NV. I am open to reviewing just about anything. But for this blog, I’ll keep it to restaurants and food places in Southern Nevada only.

Who am I?

My name is Larry Lucas and let’s just say I love eating! I’ve been eating since I was born. I know, I know, that was a bad joke. But seriously, I love to eat just about anything. I love all types of food, everything from tapas to sloppy joes. Seriously, I’m no picky eater. Well maybe a little. I mean I love to eat, but it has to be at least good food. That’s all that really matters to me. Sure I have trouble eating spiders on sticks, but I’m good for some pork belly or raw sushi.

Why bother reading my food blog?

You probably shouldn’t waste your time reading it. Unless you want to read my sad attempts at making a review newspaper worthy. But seriously, just read a few reviews, and stick around if you like them, if not, that’s cool too. Go fork yourself!